Abolish the TSA

It is past time to rid ourselves of this atrocity in the making.

Like the war on (some) drugs, the negative externalities arising from the TSA are costing us dearly for no benefit.

The TSA has not stopped a single terrorist.

The TSA would not stop the 9/11 terrorists today.

It would be bad enough to waste money if all the TSA did was benign. But in addition to wasting money, the TSA routinely violates 4th Amendment protections of the Constitution, assaults and molests people with impunity. It’s rules are arbitrary and capricious. Its civil fine rule violates the 7th Amendment.

How many citizens will have to be molested, how many frightened, screaming children will we have to witness before this absurd assault on us is ended?

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4 Responses to Abolish the TSA

  1. ASM826 says:

    It is the same thing as a battered woman that does nothing to separate herself from her abuser. People that know her shake their head and wonder why she keeps going back, knowing that more abuse was inevitable.

    If you pay your money to line up and be mistreated, and you already know it’s going to happen, exactly whose fault is that?

    Don’t fly.

  2. Weer'd Beard says:

    If only we had a massive freashman class of legislators looking to prove their worth to the electorate….

    Get those pens working people.

  3. Old NFO says:

    I’m beginning to think we should ‘protest’ like the Germans did, and strip before we go through security… sigh…

  4. maddmedic says:

    I am wondering when some really big onery SOB grabs a groper by the neck and or crotch and all hell breaks loose.
    Or some Dad loses it when his kid starts crying and cold cocks someone.
    These TSA people are ignorant asshats and bullies.

    It will happen…

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