Just say no to Traver

Putting Andrew Traver in charge of the ATF would be like putting David Duke in charge of the Civil Rights Commission.

The 2nd Amendment is a civil right and we don’t need people antagonistic to civil rights anywhere in the government, let alone the ATF.

Yeah, I know the bill of rights is trampled on daily in DC but that still doesn’t make it right.

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One Response to Just say no to Traver

  1. So Alan, how do we exert pressure on Obama to not make this appointment (assume it will be a recess appointment)? Pressure John Boehner to threaten to defund the ATF if Obama appoints Traver?

    And if Boehner does threaten such action, can we really be sure that a politician will be true to their word?

    Sorry, I know the answer to that.

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