FBI Creates another “terrorist” to catch

OK, this is just getting stupid now.

Yet another “terrorist” is arrested with a fake bomb supplied by the FBI.

Sorry, FBI. You don’t get to create the terrorist then brag about how you caught him.

You have to go out and catch the real ones. I know the ones you create are easier to catch and not nearly as dangerous, but that’s the point. Without FBI informants or agents goading these losers on and supplying them with fake bombs they wouldn’t be dangerous in the first place.

Although, I have to admit it’s a step up from murdering moms holding babies and burning down churches.

At least no one died.

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13 Responses to FBI Creates another “terrorist” to catch

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  3. Ellen says:

    So … the FBI hears of a guy that wants to blow stuff up, and is looking for someone to supply a bob with which he can cause chaos, mayhem and murder. It’s better to let him get a real bomb and hope they can stop him before he can set it off? Because before he makes any real move, they can’t do squat … wouldn’t it be better to let him follow through with his intentions, but without risk of actually killing anyone?

  4. Ross says:

    Ellen is right, the FBI is only giving these fools the rope to hang themselves. Their not being created by the FBI, they are terrorists actively looking for supplys to make bombs and the FBI is giving them fake stuff so that they can carry out their premeditated acts.

  5. alan says:

    Yes because the FBI can always be trusted and never lies then covers it up.

    Nope, that’s never happened.

  6. alath says:

    Don’t agree, Ellen.

    If you read some of these accounts, you get the idea these guys are not exactly the sharpest knives in the drawer. Rather than an impression of an effective, dangerous individual who is going to press the button on a real bomb if the FBI doesn’t give him a fake one, you get more the impression of a loser wannabe living in his mother’s basement, pleasuring himself to jihadi porn on the internet, who probably wouldn’t be able to tie his own shoelaces and go outside were it not for the FBI agent holding his hand and saying “you make the first rabbit ear go around the tree, and…”

    Sure, real terrorist organizations can recruit these low-grade sociopathic losers and get them to press the button on real bombs. But the FBI’s approach – go round up all the sociopathic losers willing to press the button – is doomed to fail because there is a plentiful supply of sociopaths.

    Effective sociopaths, who can actually organize a successful attack, are a lot more rare. These are the guys we need to be targeting, not the low-grade morons they might one day use in an attack.

  7. NukemJim says:

    “Effective sociopaths, who can actually organize a successful attack, are a lot more rare. These are the guys we need to be targeting, not the low-grade morons they might one day use in an attack.”

    alath has it wright, if you are too stupid to be able to build your own “weapon of mass destruction(disruption)” you are not a significant threat except as “fodder” in an attack planned and carried out by someone who IS a threat whether or not they have an additional follower or two.

    This type of tactic scores headlines and may very well help drive the real threat even deeper to avoid detection without any significant benefit IMHO.


  8. Milton F says:

    Let’s see. We are fighting a war on “terrorism”. That is only possible because we have already won the wars on…poverty, hunger, and drugs.

    After we get rid of all the “terrorists” stupid enough to push the button on a free bomb, delivered by agents provocateur, to *save* folks like Ellen and Ross, maybe we can begin a war on “wars on…”

  9. ME says:

    The FBI didn’t just pick this guy at random. He was actively engaged in acquiring the materiel necessary to build a bomb and kill Americans in the name of Islam. If the FBI arrested him before he tried to blow up the building people would complain they were thought police. If they waited until he blew up a building people would complain they were ineffective. Instead they stung him and gained access to anything (and anyone) he knew that might help further additional investigations.

    The FBI may be far from perfect but it’s far from evil, too.

  10. Don says:

    Yes, ME, god forbid people complain about a gov’t entity.
    Don’t just stand there, do something! Anything!

  11. me says:

    Weapons of Mass Distraction, anyone?

    Two million Mexican criminals cross our porous southern border every year.

    We have a probable illegal alien in the White House, occupying the office of the Presidency in blatant violation of the Constitution.

    What is the FBI doing? Giving phony bombs to moronic patsies who couldn’t blow their own noses without help, and trumpeting about how they’re “protecting” us and “upholding the law.”

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