Blatant Bigotry in Charlotte, NC

Neighbors move next to a private machinegun range then complain about the noise.

Oh, the hysteria! ZOMG!

What a bunch of whiny little bitches.

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14 Responses to Blatant Bigotry in Charlotte, NC

  1. Old NFO says:

    Just like at the airports… sigh…

  2. Same thing happened where I grew up. Housing development went in near a rifle range and people started complaining about the noise. In the end the range had to sell the land and move.

    Frankly if you don’t like the sounds of firearms, don’t move next to a rifle range. Seems simple to me. The small town I live in now has it’s own gun club and trap range. I love going out on my porch in winter to cook on the BBQ and hearing the report from the shots. Though faint, it still puts a smile on my face!

  3. Canthros says:

    One occasionally hears of idiots building homes out in the country next to operating pig farms (what have you) and then suing over property devaluation or somesuch because, it turns out, pig farms stink!

    But, let’s pass more laws to protect stupid people from the consequences of their actions. That’ll solve the problem.

  4. George says:

    I live about a mile up the road from this development. While I feel bad for the residents, the fact is that they bought their homes next to his. NC protects existing shooting ranges from noise complaints. When the residents of the neighborhood found this out, they went to the village of Wesley Chapel and got a law passed that made it illegal to shoot a gun unless hunting or in self defense. The appeals court shot down that law. In the meantime, they have made such a big deal about the range and such a stink about what a horrible, horrible nuisance it is that no one in their neighborhood can sell their houses. They have destroyed their home values and it is self inflicted.

    That the Observer would run an article with this bigoted tone is no surprise. But I think the tactic will backfire. Union County is probably the most libertarian leaning in the state. And our area is full of folks who DON’T live in Char-Meck because we don’t want the nanny state that goes with it.

    Besides, I’m with Barron Barnett…when the guys on the farm across from us start shooting, it puts a grin on my face.

  5. Actually here in Washington, depending on the county, there’s actually a law that prevents me from litigating farmers due to smell, dust, etc. Translated into laymen terms when handed the sheet (you have to sign it to buy a house), “I can not stop or sue a farmer who is merely working his property.” Doing things that result in damage to my property I can go after, but discomfort because I moved where people work for a living, not so much.

  6. maddmedic says:

    We have the same type of crap at a Range within minutes of my home.
    Range has been there many many years and then they built a golf course, followed by developers building houses around the course for those idjits that for some reason want to live by it.
    Now the Range has been forced tomake many changes to “accomodate” these idjits that built or moved into the area.
    Like hours of 8am to 4pm.
    Shooting done long cement culverts only!!!
    (Now that is fricking loud to the shooter even with hearing protection.)

    I have only shot there a few times.
    Not sure I want to join.
    But there has been a lwaw passed protecting such ranges from being forced to close. But not from being forced to jump through hoops to keep idjits happy.

  7. Mike w says:

    That’s like moving next to a loud southern baptist church & then complaining about loud singing at mass. Blatant bigotry indeed.

  8. Robert says:

    You’ll notice the complaints are coming from carpetbagging Damnyankees from New Jersey. Not satisfied with ruining their own state, they come down here and immediately set about ruining this one, as well.

  9. Borepatch says:

    North Carolina seems to be turning into the Massachusetts of Dixie. Robert is likely correct in his analysis as to why.

    I just have to say, though, that some of us Damnyankees move south to get away from the idiocy, not to recreate it.

  10. George says:

    In fairness…to date none of the arguments against the good doctor have taken root as yet in Union County. Although I share the concern…as a recent Damnyankee transplant, I moved for the same reason that BP did.

  11. Robert says:

    To be fair, myself, I don’t mind you guys bringing your bagels and Philly cheesesteaks down here. Just leave the high taxes and hoplophobia back home, OK?

  12. Wally says:

    NC has the most absurd MG laws of all the states, and the article was a little crooked, buuuut if you can legally own an MG in NC for defending a business (awesome BTW) you are somehow UNABLE to practice with it ?

    And as to numbers of MGs not changing in 10 years because of Hughes? Well people are still buying and selling, and all of the FFL/SOT transfers stay off of local LEO’s radar….

  13. As a MA transplant to NC, I can echo BP and Robert that I came down here partly to leave that uber nanny state in the dust, not to bring it down here with me.

    So here I am, a Yankee by heritage, but a Confederate at heart, and I recently found out that I may actually have some Loyalist blood in my family tree. 🙁

    Anyhow, I thought I picked a decent county (Johnston), but now I hear from GRNC that the Johnston County Board of Commissioners is having a hearing in January about a proposed ordinance to prohibit the firing of any projectile (including BBs, pellets, arrows, and probably spit-balls) within 600ft of any dwelling. And the board is occupied completely by the stupid party. Seems they didn’t get the message of the elections. Make. Government. Stop. You can bet I’ll be there.

  14. I’d take that over Washington. I can’t even own and FA weapon. Worst thing is suppressors though, I can own them, attach them to my weapon, but should I discharge the weapon i just committed a crime. On the upside there’s no exemption for law enforcement so I have fun every time I see them using them and claim their exempt.

    I really wish they weren’t illegal to use, it would be considerably safer during hunting season. (Either you wear hearing protection and loose situational awareness, or you don’t and loose your hearing permanently due to injury.)

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