Chris Matthews is a Birther now?

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I love this line from Clarence Page: “The President has more important things to do.”

If he has more important things to do, why has he spent millions of dollars to keep that birth certificate and his other records from the public? Records that other Presidents have made public as a matter of course?

What is he trying to keep hidden?

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2 Responses to Chris Matthews is a Birther now?

  1. Xrlq says:

    He’s not trying to keep anything secret. He’s already done all he needed to do by releasing the COLB years ago, which tells you everything you need to know from a constitutional perspective. Could the COLB be forged? Sure, but the original, long-form certificate could be, too. At this point, Obama probably doesn’t *want* to make the crazy birther rumors go away. He knows which side they hurt politically, and it ain’t his!

  2. styrgwillidar says:

    I’m over this, no one who has standing is willing to sue. I don’t want to see the riots which will occur if he’s tossed out now. And anybody really want to see Joe Biden as president?

    There could be a personal reason he doesn’t want to release it. There may be info which would be embarassing to his mother. Perhaps the although a valid HI certificate (the only real issue), maybe mom put info on it that conflicts with what they’ve told folks over the years.

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