EPA to Texas: All your refineries are belong to us.

It looks like the EPA didn’t read all those “Don’t Mess With Texas” signs on its way to Austin.

Now that they’ve declared a natural component of the atmosphere to be a pollutant (What’s next, Nitrogen?) and they’re trying to back door the carbon tax they want to take over industrial permitting (read refineries and power plants) and require costly upgrades to keep a component of the atmosphere out of the atmosphere.

(Interesting note, 500 Million years ago atmospheric CO2 was 20 times higher than it is now and as recently as the Jurassic was 4-5 times higher. I don’t notice the world ending then.)

It’s nice to see states standing up to the feds on these things. I’m not naive enough to think the state government has the welfare of it’s citizens in mind, but the enemy of my enemy and all that.

The US Federal government is in dire need of being checked and the states are the best chance to do that. Unfortunately many states are going to be looking for a federal bailout in the near future so those will probably roll over and do whatever Nanny Sam wants.

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3 Responses to EPA to Texas: All your refineries are belong to us.

  1. Borepatch says:


    At some point, I expect a governor to forbid his departments from working with these idjits, and sending the Staties to arrest any of them that try to enforce their regulations in his state.

  2. Sevesteen says:

    Years ago, our town had a municipal power plant, (That is a different argument) and lower than average electric rates. The plant got cooling water from a relatively small river, very shallow in the area where the power plant is located. The plant was shut down because the EPA has an absolute limit on the discharge temperature of the coolant water–and during some periods in the summer, the temperature of the intake water was warmer than the EPA allowed, even before it was used to do any cooling.

  3. jess says:

    Congress could turn thr EPA into one desk and a lightbulb–if they weren’t a bunch of CSMF cowards.

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