A ______ of Gunchicks

Fill in the blank. Remember, they can hurt you.

(As in flock of seagulls, murder of crows, gaggle of geese…)

UPDATE: We have a winner!

Via Breda. A rack of gunchicks.

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19 Responses to A ______ of Gunchicks

  1. Phssthpok says:


  2. BobG says:

    A mag, as in short for magazine.

  3. DonH says:


  4. mike w. says:

    Bootyful bevy

  5. Dod says:


  6. Farm.Dad says:

    A Brevet of gunchicks.

  7. Borepatch says:


    Just to see the heads explode among the Usual Suspects.

  8. Jennifer says:

    I see it is just the boys that have answered…
    I’m betting that it’s just sexy. It would be the lucky man to call us a harem.
    I believe you should call us formidable.

  9. DonH says:

    Then how about “scarem”?

  10. luckytexan says:

    How about a brick of Gunchicks?

  11. Lissa says:

    Kickass Kadre, honey 😉 Although Sixpack of SigFans is also acceptable!

  12. Lance R. Peak says:

    Nation? nah, we’d never get that lucky.

  13. Breda says:

    A rack?

  14. alan says:

    Breda wins.

  15. Crotalus says:

    I was going to go with “Magazine”, but yup. Breda wins!

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