Doctors accidently kill 4 times as many as guns

Yet Politifact only gives it a mostly true.

For the point the NRA is making — accidents only, guns v. medical misadventures — the numbers back up their claims but need clarification and context. We rate this claim Mostly True.

That’s a pretty grudging admission there, Politifact.

Welcome to reality.

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6 Responses to Doctors accidently kill 4 times as many as guns

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  2. Jess says:

    Which is the reason to always be careful around a loaded doctor. They’re much more dangerous than imagined.

  3. Newbius says:

    Never mind the killings that doctors do intentionally. Those numbers far eclipse the number of killings and woundings committed by firearms annually.

    In the US, doctors kill 26 times as many unborn babies as the total number of firearms-related deaths from all causes. If you include the wounding of the mother, then the numbers are 52:1. Forget ‘misadventures’…these deaths are heartily endorsed by the Left as acceptable social policy.

    Of the two ‘hot-button’ social issues facing us today, the left gets a total pass on 800,000+ abortions annually, while we have to defend 16,000+ criminal misuses of firearms.

  4. Mad Saint Jack says:

    I had a criminal justice textbook that included unnecessary surgery as a class of white collar crime.

    It gave the stat of 16,000 deaths each year from unnecessary surgery.

  5. styrgwillidar says:

    Well, it looks like it’s ‘mostly true’ because if you read the article, it appears the NRA is being very conservative by using the government data on death by medical misadventure. The expert in the articles states the numbers are probably far higher given the disincentive for the medical community to report erros resulting in death.

  6. TJP says:

    Hey, medical licenses! There’s another instance where a government permission slip isn’t a guarantee of jack shit.

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