Voter ID finally coming to Texas

The Texas Senate voted Wednesday 19 to 11 to pass the voter ID bill.

Unless you plan on cheating, there’s really no reason to be against a law that requires that you prove who you are to vote. Which is why the Democrats hate it so much.

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One Response to Voter ID finally coming to Texas

  1. Stan says:

    The Dems always scream ZOMG POLLTAX!!!1!! every time someone tries to implement voter ID requirements. But see, at least in Michigan, if you can show monetary hardship you can get a state issued ID for free, so wouldn’t it make sense to chuck in a section to the voter ID bill that adds a provision for poor people to get no cost ID’s? We’d have voting security and the poor would have a form of ID it should make both sides happy!

    Oh wait, that would mean the Mexicans couldn’t vote, whoops my bad.

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