1984 Brought to you by Microsoft

Love the Kinect?

Love advertisers, police and who knows who else watching you?

At a recent presentation for investors, Microsoft said the ability to see into consumer’s living rooms means advertising opportunities. Kinect’s cameras can be used to identify people, or objects. Then share shopper’s preferences with advertisers.

How long before these things are mandatory?

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8 Responses to 1984 Brought to you by Microsoft

  1. LMB says:

    If I got stuck with one, it’d keep suffering unfortunate spills and dropped hammers and such.

  2. bluesun says:

    But… what if I’m a Nintendo type of guy?

  3. Ken says:

    Indeed, such a clod I have suddenly become.

  4. Old NFO says:

    NEVER in my house… period, end of subject…

  5. Eseell says:

    Well, that tipped it from the “kinda interesting” into the “never buy” category.

  6. Morris says:

    Well, that statement from M$ just guaranteed I’ll never be a customer for that product..

  7. Jay G. says:

    It always feels like, somebody’s watching me…


  8. George says:

    I wrote about this back in November: http://www.newbieshooter.com/2010/11/fun-with-kinect.

    Somehow, an internet connected camera outside of my control seems like a bad idea.

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