These charts should scare you.

The top 1% income bracket pays over 39% of the taxes. The bottom 50% income bracket pays just 3%.

“No other major country is so dependent on so few taxpayers”

If that doesn’t bother you then you’re part of the problem.

Click on that link and look at the charts.

There’s some scary stuff there, and honestly I don’t know if our politicians have the balls to say no to the leeches.

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3 Responses to These charts should scare you.

  1. Newbius says:

    There are more leeches than there are providers. So, no. They don’t.

  2. gator says:

    We are very close to the tipping point.

  3. steelghost says:

    They can’t say no to the leeches because the leeches are how they got into office.

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