Damn it’s cold!

28 degrees and rolling power outages. in Southeast Texas.


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21 Responses to Damn it’s cold!

  1. mike w. says:

    28 is not cold Alan. Wear a sweater.

  2. breda says:

    I bet Alan doesn’t even OWN a sweater.

  3. TJP says:

    It’s actually warmer up here in CT right now. However, I’m getting sick of the snow storms every two days, with no thaw. No power outages in my corner of the state, though.

  4. alan says:

    I do not own a sweater.

  5. LabRat says:

    You know what it is here, close to noon in bright sun? Nine. Nine isn’t a temperature in New Mexico, it’s a time of day.

    I am very displeased.

  6. Jess says:

    It was 23 degrees in Port Arthur, Texas at 9:00 am this morning. That’s something I’ve never experienced in my 50+ years of remembering.

  7. mike w. says:

    An iphone is not a substitute for a sweater Alan. sweater puppies might work for keeping warm though.

  8. Jay G. says:


  9. Lissa says:

    Or, lacking those, just some puppies.

  10. Kristopher says:

    If it’s too cold at night, you need more sex partners in bed.

  11. We’ve been looking at -15 windchill here. And the water heater froze, so we had no hot water for a while. And the roads are ice rinks. Yay. My dogs refuse to go outside, so I’m thankful for their wee-wee pads and the cats’ litterbox, which they use in a pinch.

  12. Bubblehead Les says:

    Algore just reared his ugly head and said this harsh winter doesn’t disprove Global Warming one bit, and we are still all DOOMED! Then He crawled back into his $100 million dollar California Beach House. On a related issue, a Much more reliable predictor of Weather, Puxsitawny Phil said we are going to have an early Spring.

  13. TDC says:

    El Paso at 13:00 – 11 degrees and light snow. With “rolling Blackouts. Doomed indeed!

    Can we use Algore’s blubber to heat with?

  14. TJP says:

    Punxsutawny Phil suffocated to death two weeks ago when the air supply in his hole was cut off by the fourth consecutive ice storm.

  15. maddmedic says:

    Newspapers stuffed under your shirt and pants work also.

    Damn 28 degrees….we are looking forward to that as a “warmup” this weekend.

    Gotta love that Climate Change!! Appears you got it!!

  16. Riley says:

    Yea, it got up to like 18 or 19 here in Ft Worth with the same rolling power outages. We didn’t get power cut any, but we had several friends with no power, some for as long as 6 hours. Plus everything is still all icy from yesterdays rain / sleet / snow. We also are getting more snow on friday. WTF…last Christmas I had 12 inches of snow….in Texas….damn you Al Gore and your global warming!! I know this is nothing compared to what JG and Wierd have to deal with, but it still sucks.

  17. Ken says:

    So what if instead of all this “global warming” we’re actually due for another ice age?

    “Fire up the grill. Margret, looks like we could use some more of those greenhouse gasses”

  18. Old NFO says:

    Looks like I left at the right time… Tokyo is 54 and sunny 🙂

  19. Robert says:

    First, the windchill here is MINUS 25. Buncha whiners…

    Second, don’t any of you Gore bashers know the difference between weather and climate? A few sub zero winter events or even a decade of them are insignificant over the timescale the weather scientists are researching. Besides, I kinda like (some) cold weather as there are no skeeters or no see-ums to torment me.

  20. alan says:

    So it’s global warming no matter what, eh?

  21. Jay G. says:

    And if the pro-AGW folks would *stop* pointing to “ZOMG, 2010 WAS THE SECOND HOTTEST YEAR EVAH” news, we might stop mocking them.


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