Hillary, your stupid is showing.

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  1. Weer'd Beard says:

    The question is why do people vote for people so logically impaired?

    I also wonder with the various authoritarian asshole cracking down on smoking if somebody will ever be dumb enough to ban tobacco. That would be a damn bloody front on the war on drugs…also note that for young kids illegal drugs are easier to get because the vendors don’t give a shit about social constraints.

    Ban tobacco youth smoking rates will actually go UP. Legalize drugs and youth drug abuse will go DOWN!

  2. Lissa says:

    Hey, at least she’s badass enough to drink Crown. Our President would likely splutter it down his front and chug his white zin.

  3. Old NFO says:

    As usual… sigh… can you imagine her as president??? I sure as hell can’t!

  4. Jay G. says:


    I disagree.

    This was a moment of rare honesty from a politician. There *is* too much money in the drug war. From local LEO overtime to the DEA to SWAT teams to vehicles/houses/cash seized under asset forfeiture to the prison complex, there’s billions being made on keeping drugs illegal.

    This was not a stupid comment. This was a comment that was stupid to make, because it was a brief flush of honesty from our government – the only reason drugs are still illegal is that the government makes too much damn money off them remaining illegal.

    What would all those DEA agents do if they no longer had narcotics traffickers to go after? They’d have to go back to shooting themselves in the leg in high schools…

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