The Backup Camera Strikes Back

Remember the backup camera proposal?

The one what was going to cost over $2 Billion and (maybe) save 146 lives?

Well the comment period is over and the NHTSA has delayed the ruling.

Seems there were a lot of comments, most against the stupid idea. Despite that:

there shouldn’t be any major changes that would cause the ruling to be enacted later than September.

That’s right, a token delay then it’s full speed ahead.

That government shut down is looking better all the time.

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4 Responses to The Backup Camera Strikes Back

  1. mike w. says:

    They will never listen to reason. It’s about gaining more power and this enables that, nothing more.

    The cynic in me says they’re doing this intentionally to hurt the economy and further nationalize industry. Then again maybe they’re just fucking stupid.

  2. Old NFO says:

    It’s more money in the union’s pockets… OF COURSE we are going to lose… sigh…

  3. Ian Argent says:

    I got a conspiracy theory for you – wants to stick it to the cheap korean imports, so they’re trying to force “standard options” onto the econoboxes.

    Idiocy, because the korean car cos live in the land of cheap electronics, but, they are

  4. Mr Evilwrench says:

    Nannyism is just a fortuitous (to the nannies) side effect; it’s really the usual scam. Just like when that ozone depletion fantasy was used to force us to replace all our air conditioning equipment. Somebody stands to make a lot of money. They spin something up “for the children”, then get in the pockets of some fascist legislators (“lobbying” they call it). Bam, a law that forces some of our money to move to them.

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