The incredible shrinking Dollar — 9 Comments

  1. Needed some quick protein and got a Jack-in-the-Box burger the other day for just $0.89 – enough to keep my blood sugar stable.

  2. Food is heavily subsidized in the US.

    Gas prices are a better indication of how Obama and his minions have screwed up the value of the dollar. Petroleum has a fairly fixed value, like gold.

    Those gas prices will be reflected in food prices within the next growing season, trust me.

  3. Meloch. Nothing but the remains after you’ve paid for something. It tells me how little a dollar is worth when I don’t bat an eye towards giving a dollar bill to the VFW or Shriner’s who do fund raising in front of stores. 10 or 20 years ago that would have been extravagant.

  4. Having lived in several several countries with coins denominated near or above the value of US $1, I must say that I prefer the paper. I’ve you’ve got enough cash to get there and back on a bus, plus you get change from a purchase, then you have enough weight in your pocket to improvise a very effective sap.

  5. I used to work in currency exchange at the U.S. /Canada border at one of the truck entries. There was a well-known strip club just a mile north of us and since the drinking age in Canada is 19 every Friday and Saturday night like clockwork a bunch of college kids would stop and exchange their $20 bills before crossing the border. They were more generous though, preferring fives and tens.

    One night a gentleman in his 50’s stopped and exchanged a $20 bill, and wanted it all in loonies and toonies ($1 and $2 coins). He told me he was headed to the strip club.

    Poor girls.

  6. >Petroleum has a fairly fixed value, like gold.

    both gold and petroleum can easily have a speculative premium. This it the total of the intrinsic value plus what the “wisdom of the crowds” thinks it’s going to be worth tomorrow. That means a “Speculative Bubble” that has before and can again suddenly burst.

    I remember paying $1.49/gallon just a few years ago around Christmas when the last oil bubble burst.

    >I don’t have anything against dollar coins….

    Any other size besides the ones that are the same exact weight as the Carter Quarter.

    I recommend withdrawing the penny and the nickel. make the new coin the size of the old nickel, punch the image of the twin towers on one side and punch a pentagon shaped hole in the center. That should make the coin stand out.