Food prices up 3.9%, highest in 36 years

Inflation is here.

But the Fed won’t admit it because food isn’t a part of the Consumer Price Index.

I guess people don’t have to eat.

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3 Responses to Food prices up 3.9%, highest in 36 years

  1. mike w. says:

    But Nobel prize winning economist Paul Krugman says everything is fine, we can just print more money!

    In the world of the Liberal inflation doesn’t exist. The sad thing is that the very people Liberals claim to support (I.E. the poor, the “little people”) are the ones hurt most by inflation.

  2. Ancient Woodsman says:

    The way my grocery bill has ben lately, that 3.9% increase must be just since yesterday afternoon.

    While I heat with wood & wood pellets, I also pay the in-laws propane bill, which is about 2 1/2 times what is was last year. Ouch.

    And filling up an F250 compared to an Escort (did both on Sunday) can induce a good A-fib.

    But nope…nope, there’s no problems in the markets here. Nope. None at all. None of the three categories above seem to count in the CPI, so I guess they don’t count at all, hmm?

  3. Kristopher says:

    Just wait until the new fuel prices are reflected in grain futures.

    The price of meat will briefly go down as cattlemen slaughter stock they cannot afford to feed.

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