What is it with this Liberal love of missiles?

Could they be compensating for something?

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2 Responses to What is it with this Liberal love of missiles?

  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    Goes all the way back to FDR and Strategic Bombing. Air Strikes and Missile launches allows the Lefties to commit War w/o having to explain to Citizens back home why they don’t have as many Voters on the Rolls as they once did. Besides, killing them from 2-3-5 miles away keeps the Policy Makers from actually having to look at the icky, messy, disgusting results of a Firefight on the Evening News. After all, the burned-out hulk of a Libyan Tank Column looks a lot like a House Fire that is shown on the Local News, and that’s about all the Real World the Pinko Mind can handle w/o exploding.

  2. Jay G. says:

    Cruise missiles don’t come home in coffins that the press can fall all over themselves trying to photograph in an attempt to shame your efforts.

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