Future Predictions

Every time I see one of those, “In 2100 we’ll be doing X” stories I think of the hilarious predictions from 1900 about what 2000 would be like.

Here’s my prediction for 2100.

We still won’t have fusion, flying cars or cities on the moon.

Politicians will still be lying, self serving narcissists that no one likes.

Did I miss anything?

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6 Responses to Future Predictions

  1. Jay G. says:

    There will still be strife in the middle east.

    The Democrats will still hate guns, and the Republicans will still hate gay cooties.

  2. bluesun says:

    I think you are giving the future too much credit. We’ll probably all be living in mud huts, burning the libraries of human knowledge to cook a rat for dinner.

  3. ASM826 says:

    We’ll have Sharia law and being gay will be a death penalty offense. Private ownership of any weapons will be a 10 year prison offense. Our grandchildren will vie for the opportunity to be educated in China, it will be seen as the best way up and out. No one will know the history of the old United States but everyone will know that, whatever went on, it was a BAD THING.

  4. Dwight Brown says:

    “Did I miss anything?”

    Predictions by their very nature are for the future, so the phrase “future predictions” is redundant.

    Sorry, Alan. I’m just feeling persnikity today for some odd reason.

  5. Chris in Texas says:

    The Glock vs. 1911 debate will still not be resolved, and people will still be recommending a lightweight .38 snubbie as a good first gun for the little lady.

  6. Mike D says:

    1. Politicians will still suck regardless of party affiliation
    2. The 9mm V .45acp debate will be going strong
    3. We still wont have pulse guns in the 1000w range
    4. Flying cars will be around but they wont be in common use

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