Public Key Updated

I just realized my public key had expired, which is pretty sad because it means no one is using encryption in email like they’re supposed to be doing.

Anyway, it’s updated now. You can get to it at the link on the sidebar or just search for me on your key server.

Also, if you’re of the OS X persuasion, GPGTools works with Snow Leopard.

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One Response to Public Key Updated

  1. Kristopher says:

    Do you really want an encrypted email from someone having an Unintended Consequences brainstorm?

    The last time I used mine was to digitally sign a USENET post replying to a retard who was known to sue people for libel at the drop of a hat.

    He sued me using a doctored version of my post as evidence.

    I actually got to teach a judge how to use PGP to verify a document and how to pull up old USENET posts with dejanews. The retard went to jail for perjury.

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