General Petraeus can shut the fuck up.

You know why the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan are in in danger?

Because it’s a fucking WAR and the enemy is trying to kill them!

Not because some jackass in the US burned a book.

If anything the US government needs to tell the permanently offended Muslims to fuck off, not call for limits on speech like that little toad Lindsey Graham did.

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6 Responses to General Petraeus can shut the fuck up.

  1. bluesun says:

    The second they make it illegal to burn a book is the second I’m making a nice hot bonfire in my backyard.

  2. mike w. says:

    Fucking morons! It’s not as if the ragheads over in the sandbox said “Hey, some goofy looking American burned a Koran” and decided to pickup an AK and start killing US soldiers. The jihadists over there are already trying to kill us and our troops. They will keep doing so regardless of what one stupid American does or says over here.

  3. I have no idea whether or not the pastor who burned the Koran is a jackass. But I am in complete disagreement with those who believe that burning books *today* is a jackassian(tm) thing to do.

    Before today’s technology existed, is it not true the the purpose of burning books was not just a political statement, but a true attempt at censorship? I.e.: completely eliminate all copies of the text so the ideas they express can no longer be easily disseminated.

    Today, there isn’t likely an adult in the civilized world who doesn’t understand that burning books is futile if his purpose is censorship. No, these days everyone knows that it’s a symbolic statement.

    I’m with bluesun, above. Pissing on a Koran, using it as target practice, or, Allah forbid, burning it, IMNSHO, is a perfectly legitimate political statement that, in most cases can be summed up like so: I WILL NOT SUBMIT.

    Though I may not care for her style, I do like the message of Ann Barnhardt in her Koran-burning videos here: . Using bacon as bookmarks is a nice touch. I’d suggest adding another segment, cooking the bacon over the flames of the burning Koran, with the grease dripping on it, stoking the flames even more.

    Perhaps we should take a cue from Netanyahu. In his response to the savage murderers of the Fogel family: “You kill, we’ll build.” Yes, what that suggests his own citizens building instead of tearing down. However, I take something else from it, as well. You don’t like what we do? You KILL because you don’t like it? Fine. We will do what you hate and do it MORE. AND, as Ms. Barnhardt indicates, we will be at the ready when you do come to attack.

  4. Kristopher says:

    Petraeus is suffering from a bit of tunnel vision here. His goal of getting the wogs to calm down so the DoD can get the troops out while an incompetent loon ( Obama ) is in charge is laudable.

    But he is forgetting why we are fighting, and what for.

    The proper response is to hunt down and kill the clerics who worked that mob up. But I don’t expect a proper response to get the green light from Obama.

  5. Timmeehh says:


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