I can drive 85?

It might happen.

The speed limit on some highways in Texas may be raised to 85 mph, the highest in the nation, under legislation the Texas House approved Wednesday.

If you have never been to Texas, then you have no idea how painful the 55 mph speed limit was. I once drove from Philly to Atlantic City (Across the entire state of New Jersey) in less time than it takes to drive from one side of Houston to the other. You people in the Northeast I-95 corridor have no idea what a long drive is.

Those long Texas highways were made for high speed cruising.

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6 Responses to I can drive 85?

  1. dagamore says:

    the real sad thing is we used to have open daylight no speed limits in some states, back when every car had skinny ass biased tires and 4 wheel drums, but not now with wide sticky tires at all 4 corners and disk at the front at least and at the rear on most and abs.

    but its for the children right?

  2. LittleRed1 says:

    Sorry, but no thank you. I don’t have enough power on the top end of my truck to have a safe passing reserve at 85. At 70 I can floor it and scoot if need be. At 85, un-fun-ness occurs. And the few state and country roads up here that are still 55 are 55 for a pretty good reason.

  3. Jay G. says:

    MA to FL with two small kids. Don’t tell *me* I don’t know a long drive…

    (Hell, MA to NC with Weerdbeard, for that matter…)

    ((just kidding Weer’d!))

  4. bluesun says:

    One summer I had a job that involved driving around north eastern Montana. Let’s just say that, though there is an official speed limit now, there aren’t very many state troopers.

    Our motto was, “Drive it like a rental.”

  5. RobertM says:

    Before moving to Alabama we used to visit from Los Angelos. And my grandfather liked to drive. Driving across Texas always sucked. Don’t get me wrong, I like Texas, but just driving across it sucks.

  6. My impression from my trips down there has always been that they are more speed suggestions than speed limits.

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