NRA 2011

Once you get to it, the convention center is a nice venue. Friday, the traffic in Pittsburgh was terrible, worse than anything i’ve ever been in including Boston. It looks like the city was totally unprepared for the NRAlanche.

On the other hand, the convention itself seems to be running smoothly. After 140 years I guess the NRA knows how to have a convention.

Lots of pics in a bit.

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  1. No, Pittsburgh traffic sucks ass no matter what is going on.

    In 2002, I took a critical care medic class there for 2 weeks. Got a deal on a cheaper hotel about 3 miles from the school. After one round trip cab ride through that traffic, and being an hour later for class, I realized I could save a couple hundred bucks by renting a car for two weeks, but I’d still have to deal with that traffic.

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