Open Carry in Pittsburgh

JayG open carried for the first time ever.

It was only the second time for me. The great state of Texas doesn’t allow it so my open carry experience to date has been the Middle Of Nowhere, CO and Pittsburgh. I even bought a new holster for the occasion. (A Comp-Tac paddle holster just in case I had to disarm at some point.)

I was a little worried before going because I’ve been in Philadelphia, PA before and it is a very unfriendly open carry city. I had visions of getting proned by the cops and having to call Alan Gura to rescue me. Fortunately Pittsburgh isn’t Philadelphia, and other than a couple of glances from cops there was no “official” interest in the gun on my belt at all. One vendor at the show assumed I was a cop which seems to be the case just about everywhere. (That needs to change. Open carry shouldn’t equal cop in anyone’s mind)

Now I want Texas to have open carry even more. It’s just too damn convenient to be able to conceal or not as you like.

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  1. Buublehead Les says:

    Now if only Pennsylvania and Ohio would recognize each others CCW Permits. Pull it out of the trunk, put it on, take it off when I get back to the car. Got old real fast. Must be because of the Browns/Steelers thing.

  2. Riley says:

    I hear ya man. Toting around little kids that are constantly crawling on you, or wanting to be picked up makes carrying a full size pistol on your belt a real pain. Open carry would be so much easier, and with the strict no printing policy here in Texas….

  3. Sean Casey says:

    I was really counting on you to have open carry passed for me by the time I’d made the permanent move to Fort Worth, Alan! I’m coming in two weeks and alas, will have to wait 6 months to CCW. I really prefer strong side 4 o’clock high ride with no need to tuck or cover!

  4. Nancy R. says:

    I OC’d for the first time on Sunday. It was all very anti-climatic — the only questionable comments coming from a non-blogger in the press room. “Look! She just bristling with ammunition! Are you angry?”

    My answer? “Not yet.”

  5. Jay G. says:

    Y’know, before this weekend, I really didn’t *get* open carry. I felt that it gives up a tactical advantage, etc.

    That’s all changed.

    It’s liberating. While even at the end of the weekend I still had a little apprehension, it’s simply indescribable how open carry is synonymous with freedom.

    I heartily endorse this practice, although I will not be practicing it in MA…

  6. joat says:

    OC = Freedom, now your all getting it. I OC most of the time unless it’s raining or winter. Why should hide?

  7. seeker_two says:

    I’m with you, Alan…..I wish someday that Texas becomes as free as most Texans think it already is….

  8. cybrus says:

    @Bubblehead Les: PA DOES recognize an Ohio permit for carrying in a car. So you could have open carried all over town and kept it on in the car too. Just can’t carry concealed OUTside of a car with an Ohio permit.

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  10. “I was a little worried before going because I’ve been in Philadelphia, PA before and it is a very unfriendly open carry city.”

    I could be wrong but Philly isn’t an open carry city at all. I believe it’s one of the ordinances Philadelphia has a specific exception to in state law. But perhaps that’s what you mean.

  11. alan says:

    Pretty much.

  12. MrSatyre says:

    Hello, all! I’m from VA, and PA recognizes VA-issued CCW. Since I open carry normally, I was happy to read that PA recognizes that anyway (especially since I’ll be traveling to Pittsburgh in a few weeks). But I’m flummoxed by the news that Philly is NOT open carry. Is that really true? Doesn’t PA have the same “state open carry law trumps local law every time” rule as VA? If true, just picture me shaking my head in disgust.

  13. Geodkyt says:

    To carry (open OR concealed) in Philly, you need to have a Concealed Carry Permit recognized in Pennsylvania.

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  15. mike w. says:

    You CAN open carry in Philly so long as you have a valid CCW permit recognized by the state of PA. I’m not sure I’d recommend doing so, given the reputation of Philly cops.

  16. MrSatyre says:

    So noted. Thanks.

  17. Iced Tea Apocalypse says:

    The good thing is for Ohio citizens they can at least apply for non-resident permits in PA, I think Ohio is the bigger bad guy here, because they won’t recognize PA permits due to the training requirement, but then they ALSO don’t allow non-residents to apply for Ohio permits in Ohio.

    I’m from Eerie and I really wish I could just go over to Ohio, take a class and get one of their permits. Although, in a perfect world, we’d all be able to both OC and CC in all 50 states without any sort of permit or registration.

  18. Open Sights says:

    ANY US citizen that can legally own a firearm, can open carry in PA (with exception to Phily). Example, someone from Ohio can open carry in PA, following PA’s no carry zone laws, etc. If an armed US citizen does not have a CCL from any state in which they can legally hold a CCL, they must disarm in a vehicle. If they DO have a CCL as mentioned above, they can OPEN CARRY in their vehicle, but not concealed carry unless they hold a PA reciprocal state’s CCL.

    Link below is too

    I searched and could not find an answer to my own question, which is: Is Ohio’s open carry restricted to Ohio citizens only, or is it like PA’s laws allowing any US citizen, legally allowed to own a firearm? I occasionally visit OH from PA into areas, where I would like to able to carry one way or another, open or concealed.

  19. Open Sights says:

    And to add, I don’t have a problem with any state requiring firearm training in order to carry. I wholeheartedly agree that it is our Constitutional right to defend ourselves, but how many people carry a firearm that have never even fired one before, or know how to load it or know how to tell if it is loaded? There is more to carrying a firearm than pulling the trigger.

    I grew up (and still live) in rural PA where most everyone grew up hunting and be it not “formal” firearm training, we know how to “use” a firearm. How many “city” people, who have never hunted, fired a firearm, etc., get a scare, go out and buy a pistol and are carrying a sidearm and not realizing that they should have bought ammunition to go with it. This example may be a little extreme, but you should get what I am saying.

    As a US citizen, it is your RIGHT to carry a firearm. It is your DUTY to know how to use it.

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