Texas still at six.

Come on Texas, we can get to zero if we work at it!

If we can get the parking lot bill and the campus carry bills passed this year we’ll be down to two points.

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4 Responses to Texas still at six.

  1. Boyd says:

    You’d think they’d look at their own map, see that sea of red (which indicates that over 60% of US states “earn” less than 10 points), and think, “Hmm…why am I so out of step with America?”

    Nah, I know better’n that.

  2. Weer'd Beard says:

    Those jerks need to update their list, as there are a bunch of new Constitutional carry states now.

    Gotta get that -2 Bonus on the board!

  3. Eseell says:

    Those assholes moved the goal posts. AZ is at 0 points but the minimum is -2.

  4. Bubblehead Les says:

    Their metric has got to be wrong. I mean, seriously, we OC’d this past weekend in a 26 point State, yet that should have caused the streets of Pittsburgh to overflow with blood! Gotta be something wrong with the math.

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