Texas Open Carry – Action Needed

If you live in Texas call your state representative and tell them to get moving on HB 2756.

Time is short. If we can’t get this bill onto the floor by May 12th we wait until 2013 to try again.

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  1. Aaron Spuler says:

    Found out that it’s stuck in the House Calendar Committee, and they’re the ones that are stalling to bring it to the floor for a vote. Make sure your representative is in support of the bill, but also call the committee (512-463-0758) to request that they bring it to the floor for a vote.

  2. James says:

    I’m hoping it passes, but it’s looking like an uphill road since there are so many other bills that have our rep’s attention right now. Good thing is that Perry is on record as supporting OC, and any other freedom minded gun bill that come his way.

    Too bad we can’t easily go through the courts to get open carry if it doesn’t pass.

  3. Joseph Kerr says:

    This morn I was told it did not make the calendar deadline of Tuesday. It has no Senate companion bill which may have helped. They said several Cal committee members had an issue with it. They said they are not allowed to release who had an issue with it. I think they need to release that info, you should not have legislators hiding their votes or positions like this. I suspect Coleman may be one but could not get them to confirm or deny.

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