Debt Ceiling: Leave it.

Unless the Obama administration ignores the debt ceiling, we now have the novel situation of the Federal Government having to have a balanced budget.

I say leave it that way. Force the Feds to live within their means

What good is a debt ceiling if you raise the thing every time you reach it?

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3 Responses to Debt Ceiling: Leave it.

  1. Ed Skinner says:

    Legislators go to Washington expecting to make new laws but I’d like to see at least a few of them un-making laws. And they can start with this stupid idea that they can spend future money now. Have you checked your grocery bill lately? Guess what’s happening!

  2. mike w. says:

    You mean I’m not supposed to raise the credit limit on my credit cards every time I reach it? Shucks!

  3. IronKnight says:

    LOLS silly peon, they are simply “borrowing” money from the retirement plans of federal employees.
    I can now thank POTUS for the blessing of not having to worry about retirement any more… I will have to work until I die because there aint going to be any money left in the retirement fund!

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