QOTD: Marketing Fail

“So, sure…I understand gunbunnies. Or Sniper Babes, or Hot Shots, or Ammo Girls…or whatever you want to call them. Paid to be the pretty giggle and jiggle that will hopefully hypnotize gun nuts into forking over cash. If a little tits and ass makes a guy buy more bang and brass then hooray, capitalism! I get it. Really. But I don’t have to like it.” — Breda

The gun industry has realized that women are a huge untapped market. Smith & Wesson had Julie Golob in their booth at the NRA convention but while she is hot enough to be a booth babe, she was there with her peers as part of the S&W shooting team. There were no booth babes to be seen in any manufacturer’s area.

Back when computers were new, trade shows were full of booth babes. Every exhibitor had a few hot chicks in skimpy clothes that knew nothing about computers. But as the industry matured (in more ways than one) booth babes started disappearing. It turns out that while cute girls are nice to look at, if they don’t know anything they’re not helping you sell and they alienate a big chunk of that vast untapped (female) market.

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6 Responses to QOTD: Marketing Fail

  1. breda says:

    So I guess we can say that companies that use gunbunnies are marketing to the gunowners of, say…1985?

  2. mike w. says:

    One thing I noticed at the Convention was that some of the “booth babes” were not only just eye candy, but were offputting and didn’t seem the slightest bit interested in being there.

    That’s not good for marketing or for bringing women into the fold.

  3. Jay G. says:

    There were some booth babes there, Alan – the Cold Steel booth was probably the most prominent.

  4. alan says:

    That’s why I specified gun manufacturers. There were some booth babes in the bottom feeder areas.

  5. counsel says:

    I don’t know why scantily-clad anyone’s bother anyone… If Glock hired ex-seal “buff-man” to help increase sales to women, who cares? Their use of their marketing says something about them and their target and nothing about me. I’d like it if it brings more men and women into shooting. Feel free to not like it, but I’d ask why you don’t like it and whether any dislike is based on assumptions rather than facts…

  6. hektorono says:

    Was “untapped” a pun or was I the only one going there?

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