Texas TSA bill: Dewhurst back on board?

According to The Hill, Lt. Gov. Dewhurst has asked Gov. Rick Perry to include the measure in a special session.

Dewhurst reported asked lawmakers to withdraw the bill when federal officials threatened to cancel flights to Texas if it passed.

But he has since had a change of heart, Simpson told fans on his Facebook page.

“The Lt. Gov. sent a letter to Gov. Perry asking him to include the TSA bill HB 1937 in the special session!,” Simpson wrote on the website. “Please call the Governor and tell him you agree with Lt. Gov. Dewhurst!”

The measure would make it a misdemeanor for TSA agents would have been to pat down travelers who did not have probable cause for suspicion. The penalty would be a $4,000 fine and one year in jail.

I guess Dewhurst got a lot of heat for killing that bill. Maybe this time they won’t get cold feet.

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2 Responses to Texas TSA bill: Dewhurst back on board?

  1. Please, I hope it passes. Then let the TSA explain to people in other states why they can’t fly to Texas. Thousands of Sexual Assaulters indeed.

  2. cybrus says:

    Fantastic! And if the TSA does cancel flights to/from Texas, I’d love it if some/all of the airlines started cancelling their own flights to/from DC.

    Also, why cancel flights TO Texas? Flights into Texas would still have gone through the molestation – er – security theater – debacle.

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