Of course it was a hoax!

Duh. Psychic = Hoax.

Texas police were investigating whether a tip-off from a psychic about a mass grave containing dozens of dismembered bodies was in fact a hoax after an intense search found no bodies.

This is my shocked face.

Anyone claiming to be a psychic is a fraud.

Anyone that thinks otherwise is an idiot.

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10 Responses to Of course it was a hoax!

  1. breda says:

    But I saw it happen on that one episode of Bones with Cyndi Lauper! It was on TV, it has to be true!

  2. Weer'd Beard says:

    Can’t find the news story, but Google did bring up this business:

    “Licensed by the Salem Police Department”

    Yep the Salem Mass PD licenses Psychics so you won’t be cheated by the imitators!

    Still an unlicensed psychic, wouldn’t that be a Gypsy Psychic…which is kinda the whole motif, right?

  3. alan says:

    If they were REAL they’d be beating down James Randi’s door to get that million dollars.

  4. I KNEW you were going to say that………..

  5. Instinct says:

    Seen a lot of weird stuff in my life, but this falls under my normal response for any police work – if you are only relying on one source for your information, then you are an idiot.

  6. Kevin Baker says:

    There’s a link in that last comment. Why doesn’t it highlight?

  7. alan says:

    It’s there, shows up on a mouse over. It only shows up in a different color if you’ve never been to that link before.

  8. mike w. says:

    The truly scary thing is there are enough morons out there to keep these frauds in business.

    Speaking of that, whatever happened to those “Miss Cleo” commercials?

  9. Bubblehead Les says:

    I wonder if the Pima County Sheriff’s Dept. uses Psychics for their Intel when they want to use their Mall Ninjas for a Raid?

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