Freefall Dancing

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4 Responses to Freefall Dancing

  1. Holy crap, that’s amazing! I wonder how long/often they had to practice that. I can’t believe there were no collisions…it’s such a small space!

  2. I’m blown away. (pun not intended)

    I’ve put this on my facebook, and I am absolutely certain that my friend, who’s married to a world record holding skydiver will say, “So what. We do this down here at Paraclete all the time.”

    I didn’t even know stuff like this was possible.

  3. Because I’m a nerd, I watched this twice, and closely – they’re all close to the same height and weight. That’s really the only way they were able to do this.

    I can’t imagine the kind of minute muscle control needed to pull this off successfully. This is so cool.

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