Oh gee, a whole dollar!

Speaking of companies and sleazy marketing…

Ruger will give the NRA a WHOLE DOLLAR for each gun sold.

And they want to give the NRA $1 Million.

I bet they do.

Hey Ruger, if you care about the NRA so much why just one dollar? Why not two dollars per gun or ten dollars? I bet the NRA would love you long time for $10 million.

If I want to support the NRA why don’t I just give them money directly and not buy one of your crappy, recall of the month, guns?

Or even better, just give it to the Second Amendment Foundation?

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2 Responses to Oh gee, a whole dollar!

  1. DirtCrashr says:

    All I could think of was, “Ruger love you long time!”

  2. Bill says:

    Oh, I don’t know, pick the right Ruger and they are solid as rocks, (of course they weigh that much too!)

    I have a P94 that has never, ever, jammed. I’ve tried, I’ve loaded mixed loads, +p loads, hollowpoints, soft points, lead, round nose, every combination I could think of. It won’t jam, stovepipe, fail to function in any way.

    I know other people have had issues, especially with the pocket pistols, but their revolvers, 10-22, Mark II-IV, etc. seem to be solid.

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