Twisted Logic at the EPA

From the same people that brought you the idea that a decrease in the amount of increase is a cut, the EPA has decided that if the new regulations aren’t as tough as they could have been, it’s deregulation.

…the EPA got around the rules governing its implementation of the new regulations by deeming its proposed action (dramatically tightening air quality standards) to be deregulatory. How did it do that? By positing that a comprehensive scheme of regulation would involve issuing permits for 6 million sources of emissions, and deciding instead to “tailor” its program to cover only large sources (e.g., the 12,000 emitters that currently require permits to operate).

Just imagine how we could fleece our fellow men if we all had the power to declare it “deregulation” – mercy, relief, a benefit to the regulated – when we don’t do as much as we could have done. There is a distinctly mafia-like ring to that thought process.

“I have altered the deal. Pray I don’t alter it further.”

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4 Responses to Twisted Logic at the EPA

  1. Tommy says:

    That’s a nice coal fired power plant you have there. Be a shame if something were to … Happen… to it.


  2. Old NFO says:

    This is CAP and TAX… period… regulated since it couldn’t get passed in Congress.

  3. Noel says:

    Wow, it’s been a long time since I commented on your site, Allen. Hope all’s well. I love the Star Wars reference. Eminently appropriate.

    Also, the EPA is all kinds of ridiculous. If Obama is the new LBJ (and he is), I’m concerned that we’ll get another Carter before we have a shot at a Reagan who will want to deregulate and get rid of silly, unconstitutional federal agencies like the EPA. Maybe the Tea Party has done enough to wake enough people up to the gravity of the situation in which we now find ourselves. 2012 will be an interesting year, to say the least. If this regulatory Cap-and-Tax goes through unnoticed or unchallenged until it gets entrenched, however, I’m afraid there’s not much that even a Reagan could do about it.

  4. Noel says:

    Alan* (Sorry)

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