QOTD: Supreme Court Smackdown

“We have no authority to stay an execution in light of an “appeal of the President,” presenting free-ranging assertions of foreign policy consequences, when those assertions come unaccompanied by a persuasive legal claim.” —US Supreme Court

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5 Responses to QOTD: Supreme Court Smackdown

  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    But I’m the Anointed One! You HAVE to Rubber Stamp my Edicts! That’s what Hugo Chavez told me!

  2. mike w. says:

    Just knowing how much that rebuke pissed off Obama brings a smile to my face.

    Asking for the stay of an execution of a man who raped & murdered a 16 year old girl just makes me dislike the man that much more.

  3. Robert says:

    Thus are they gently revenged for the President insulting them to their faces at the State of the Union two years ago. Revenge, cold, etc.

  4. Kristopher says:

    Obama does have a legal option:

    He can pardon the murdering son of a bitch.

    If he doesn’t want to take the blame for that, he can shut his mouth.

  5. Old NFO says:

    Revenge served cold… 🙂 LOVE it!!!

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