Fed gone wild?

In the last few years the Federal Reserve has loaned trillions of dollars to banks, many of them foreign.

The GAO report isn’t an easy read, and it’s layered with ass covering (We were audited! See? It’s all ok.) but it’s clear that the Federal Reserve, by loaning trillions of dollars, let virtually ALL the largest banks in the world avoid bankruptcy.

This isn’t capitalism and it’s damn sure not a free market.

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One Response to Fed gone wild?

  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    One result of lending money to Foreign Banks is that the Socialist Gooberments of those countries can then draw Cash from the Banks to Prop up their Failed Systems awhile longer. This is called “Redistribution of Wealth”, and is the Basis of Marxist VooDoo Economics.

    Your Federal Tax Dollars are working Hard to ensure that the Enemies of Capitalism can keep wreaking the U.S. Economy.

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