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“The left clip is a segment of the movie that the subject viewed while in the magnet. The right clip shows the reconstruction of this movie from brain activity measured using fMRI. The reconstruction was obtained using only each subject’s brain activity and a library of 18 million seconds of random YouTube video. (In brief, the algorithm processes each of the 18 million clips through the brain model, and identifies the clips that would have produced brain activity as similar to the measured brain activity as possible. The clips used to fit the model, those used to test the model and those used to reconstruct the stimulus were entirely separate.) Brain activity was sampled every one second, and each one-second section of the viewed movie was reconstructed separately.”

I am stunned.

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14 Responses to Your “OMFG WOW!” of the day

  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    But if you scanned the Brain of most Anti-Gunners, all you’d capture is Snow.

  2. Marty says:

    Just wait until that model get trained up with way more, and better data that a small 18mil secs from low res youtube.

  3. Just wait until they figure how to remotely induce brain activity patterns for each “memory.”

  4. Marty says:

    It is the movie Brainstorm!

  5. Roadkill says:

    This is terrible. Seriously, get ready for ‘Thought Crime” as being a real punishable offense.

  6. Linoge says:

    Thank you, Roadkill – I was afraid I was the only one for whom that was their first thought…

  7. Old NFO says:

    Gotta agree with Linoge and Roadkill…

  8. Cormac says:

    I think they used something like this in House once…

    Showed a bunch of video clips and recorded her brain activity, then used that data to build a sketchy image of her traumatic memory and *Ta-Da* magical dianosis!

  9. Kristopher says:


    The visual cortex is on the very surface of the back of your brain … strokes and trauma there tend to cause blindness … the eyes work, but the place the signal is processed ain’t there. A neurosurgeon can use blind spot mapping to find tumors back there.

  10. Kristopher says:

    I am also seeing some day-dreaming activity there in the mpeg.

    It looks like subconscious daydreaming is processed in the same area … things are getting added, processed differently from what is actually shown, and in the case of text, weird greeking is added ( the next time you dream lucidly, try reading something, and you will see this ).

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  12. comatus says:

    House, hell. Professor Quatermass did this trick in “Five Million Miles to Earth” in 1967. How quickly we forget the British manned space programme — and the new extensions of the London Underground!

  13. 45er says:

    Someone in the testing has a crush on Steve Martin.

  14. TIM says:

    Over My Head.But man I hope they dont use it for punishment of ones thoughts.I would be in alot of trouble.Ha Ha Ha

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