Relativity Safe After All

And the missing 60 nanoseconds reinforce relativity instead of disproving it.

It turns out the GPS satellites are in a separate reference frame from the experiment and once you account for the effects of relativity between the frames, the difference is about 60 nanoseconds.

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7 Responses to Relativity Safe After All

  1. Kevin Baker says:

    Damn. And I wanted to see Alpha Centauri up close before I die.

  2. Braden Lynch says:

    Oops, probably right up there with NASA overlooking the conversion between the english and metric systems on the Hubble telescope.

    Errors like this and the cold fusion scam quite a while back makes me even more skeptical when scientists claim they have broken a physical law. Well, I’m going to go watch my perpetual motion machine and then worship Al Gore for revealing the “truth” of anthropomorphic global warming.

  3. Braden Lynch says:

    Ugh, “anthropogenic” not “anthropormorphic” (although Al Gore’s increase in girth might be this…)

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  5. Kristopher says:


    Yes, Time does go slightly faster 24,000 miles further up in this gravity well.

  6. Kristopher says:

    Braden: Anthropomorphic Global Warming is caused by too much Yiffing.

  7. Braden Lynch says:

    I was ignorant (not the first time) and had to go and look up “Yiffing” on the “Urban Dictionary” website and fell out of my chair laughing. Thanks!

    …and I promise to slow down my rapid-fire typing in the hope of attaining that little thing called accuracy.

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