Not feeling confident in Cybercommand

Especially when the head guy says dumb things like this:

“The four-star general suggested bolstering Internet security by using “cloud” technology, which uses remote computer servers for applications and data storage. Other new technologies that permit greater visibility of cyberthreats on networks also can be used to improve security, he said.”

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8 Responses to Not feeling confident in Cybercommand

  1. Kristopher says:

    Nothing makes you look dumber than using jargon you do not understand incorrectly.

  2. DaddyBear says:

    He was my battalion commander once upon a time. He was an idiot then too. Having this guy in charge of Fort Meade is enough to wake me up in the middle of the night screaming.

  3. Borepatch says:

    #INCLUDE <“Military Intelligence” joke>

  4. DaddyBear says:

    Yeah yeah yeah. Wise ass 😉

  5. Oakenheart says:

    Forced retirement. Now. And decontamination of his entire command, they’ve probably been infected by the R-TARD bug.

  6. Old NFO says:

    Ah… WTF??? He’s not even close…

  7. Kristopher says:

    Oakenheart: +1.

    When some idiot gets Peter Principled into a post, he tend to promote people under him who do not make him feel uncomfortable by being smarter than he is.

  8. Borepatch says:

    If you like your crappy information security in the physical domain, you’ll be delighted at the result after you’ve moved it to the Cloud.

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