Papers Please

Remember the TSA saying if you didn’t want to get groped, don’t fly?

Not so much.

Just another click on the police state ratchet.

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3 Responses to Papers Please

  1. Mark ALger says:

    They may not have said it, but I have — ad nauseam. I figure it’s the only way to get the policy changed — hit the airlines where it hurts and let them deal with begging off from the gubmint.


  2. RedeemedBoyd says:

    I just saw that this morning too. It’s crazy. I thought Tennessee was one of the free states. I thought there was hope in that state yet. Seeing things like this is highly depressing. What happened to the America where I was raised?

  3. counsel says:

    The statement by HS sounds like China’s statements how citizens should report suspicious activity…1984 anyone?

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