Recent Download Counts for Vicious Circle





I’m not sure what it means, if anything. Some people download it and some people just listen on the web page maybe? Makes me wonder how many people actually listen to the whole thing.




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  1. They descend into a coma and a relative stops the feed mid show to save them from the brain rot?

    Sometimes it’s a bit dry and will rot your brain, but who can’t enjoy a bunch of online friends with strong commonalities who ruthlessly have fun at each others expense?

    Don’t understand the partial downloads though because even the big ones only take a couple minutes to download. I find it interesting that the full downloads are down while partials are WAY up.

  2. Tango says:

    depends on how it’s calculated and how it’s streamed. A stream can be downloaded at the same speed that it plays at. Perhaps people are hitting ‘STOP’ when there’s about a minute left because everybody is signing off? If it’s a mobile phone, perhaps it gets marked as a partial when they get to work because they were listening during their commute?

    Personally, I think they’re great numbers!

  3. bluesun says:

    Ben listening to it through google reader; wonder how that shows up in there?

  4. Riley says:

    Ive got them all and have listened to all of them at least once. While some are better than others, they are all pretty darn good.

  5. RedeemedBoyd says:

    I listen to them all, usually I even enjoy them. I did notice though that for a few weeks I was having issues downloading them. Since I typically don’t get time to listen until Monday or so after posting, I just download the .mp3 and listen at work. However, a few weeks in a row, I would only be able to download about 5-10 minutes of the show, and have to download again (and in some cases 3 or 4 times) to get the entire .mp3. Perhaps that’s part of why so many partials are showing?

  6. Weer'd Beard says:

    Dunno about you guys but I’ve been downloading thousands of copies of VC, burning them to Disk and burying them in my back yard in preparation for the end times….

  7. Kristopher says:

    You need to secure listeners into Vogon Poetry Appreciation chairs first, alan.

  8. MSgt B says:

    I listen on Saturday morning with my coffee, but I never get all the way through one episode.
    I come back to it Sunday morning if it’s a good one, and it usually is, so two of those partials are mine every week.

  9. LMB says:

    I’m a long-time listener (from california, of all places) and I tend to listen to them during the more tedious times.
    Maybe the partial downloads represent connectivity issues on the part of the downloader? There’s been a few times when I started a download and it stalled completly.

  10. jpo says:

    I have noticed that after the audio stops sometimes the feed still seems to be active, so maybe the partials are from people dropping off before the feed goes down?

  11. dagamore says:

    As a loyal listener from Germany, i have downloaded all of them a few times, and i do listen to them at work, yes i have been told that i can not do that, but Jay-Headroom fixed that problem, even if the other people look at the people that work around my area like we are on crack we were laughing so hard.

  12. Kristopher says:

    VC … like OC, but applied via internet.

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