17 Days

Every day it gets easier to not post at all.

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19 Responses to 17 Days

  1. bluesun says:

    So does this count, or not?

  2. alan says:

    It’s kinda like when a smoker quits. The occasional coffin nail bummed from a friend doesn’t count.

  3. So you and Breda are both giving it up?

  4. alan says:

    I’m not giving it up, I just don’t have anything to say.

  5. Weer'd Beard says:

    I’m glad you’re doing what you want.

    Be a shame if you were working for nothing.

    As for me, I don’t shut up anyway : )

  6. mike w. says:

    It’s kinda like when a smoker quits. The occasional coffin nail bummed from a friend doesn’t count.”

    If you’re still bumming cigs off of friends you’re still a smoker. Just sayin’

  7. breda says:

    Just couldn’t help yourself, could you?

  8. alan says:

    Nope. 😀

  9. Kristopher says:

    Welcome back to posting, breda.

  10. Jerry says:

    What about the Amazon Fire?

  11. Gudis says:

    I haven’t posted in 44 days, suck it.

  12. alan says:

    I’m new at this not posting thing.

    Baby steps.

  13. breda says:

    That was a comment, not a post. Doesn’t count.

  14. alan says:

    Oh yeah. I’m going with Breda’s interpretation. Not a post.

  15. Bubblehead Les says:

    That’s okay. Just leaves more time to comment at Jay’s, OldNFO’s, T-Bolt’s, Mike W.’s, Newbius’, The Miller’s, Unc’s, Weerd Beard’s, Tam’s, Roberta X’s, Robb Allen’s……….. ; )

  16. Tarb says:

    So I guess waiting patiently wasn’t the way to go after all. Okay, I’ll try the other way. GODDAMMIT ANDREWS, WHERE’S MY FREE BLOODY ICECREAM? C’mon man, don’t leave us hanging, post something, anything! I miss your writing. Tell us how the kid’s doing, post about whatever it is you do when you’re not working or sleeping, go all gun-bloggy and show us your piece (note I DIDN’T say sex-bloggy. Not that piece, please.) Talk about knives, or what your plans are for when the zombie apocalypse arrives, or how in your opinion the whole “zombie” thing has totally jumped the shark! In all seriousness mate, I enjoy your work, and I hope you’ll be back at it soon. I appreciate the work you’ve put into your blog over the years, thank you!

  17. Silverevilchao says:

    “Every day it gets easier to not post at all.”

    Hahaha, I know, right? |D;;

  18. Newbius says:

    Withdrawal only hurts when you look at the empty page. My advice is to not open up the blog page at all, and to instead bookmark the GBBL. It does get easier over time.

    My advantage is that I only have 50 people who read me, and fewer who actually care about what I post…

  19. Sean Casey says:

    Well, at least I can still see your comments on facespace!

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