Linoge’s Graphics Matter chart updated

The 2009 data is in and it looks like, yet again, the more guns = more gun deaths claim is still wrong.

Go there and look at the pretty graphs.

Thanks, Linoge, for maintaining that data set and doing the statistical drudgery to make it an informative picture. Facts matter!

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4 Responses to Linoge’s Graphics Matter chart updated

  1. Old NFO says:

    Concur, he’s good folks!

  2. Linoge says:

    Well, once you set it up right, the “drudgery” is just copy-pasting and ensuring the non-auto-generated features of the chart still line up properly.

    But, all the same, thanks to the both of you :).

  3. Matt G says:

    The green line up top is claimed by the Brady folk, because of that drop after the 1994 bill. They of course fail to mention that this was at the 5 most prosperous years that this planet had known in our lifetimes. Want to stop violence? Take it from the CJ major: the answer is economic prosperity, not curtailing human rights.

    The red and blue lines at the bottom are the real money shots of that graph.

  4. Will Brown says:

    Any thoughts on how this report effects the conclusions drawn from Linoge’s graph?

    I don’t think even pretty massive reporting fraud completely nullifies the data, but the effect of misreported data needs to be accounted for I think.

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