Sleazy is as sleazy does

TTAG stealing content and implying permission again? Why yes they are!

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10 Responses to Sleazy is as sleazy does

  1. Kristopher says:

    Looks like they yanked the article.

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  3. We can go over this as many times as you like.

    As a blog, TTAG is allowed to republish material from other sites under Fair Use provisions. Just as other sites are allowed to republish our original photographs without financial compensation.

    We credit our photos to their originator and remove photos when the photographer takes umbrage. As we did here.

  4. alan says:

    Hiding your douchebaggery behind false claims of fair use doesn’t mean it’s not douchebaggery.

    And unlike TTAG, I’m not deleting your comment.

  5. Linoge says:

    And we can go over this as many times as you like, Robert – the fact that The “Truth” About Guns is a for-profit enterprise (as evinced by your advertisements on the right column) combined with the fact that you were not specifically criticizing, commenting upon, teaching with, or researching the image itself, all but removes the ‘fair use’ excuse from your available means of not taking responsibility for your ass-hattery.

    And that is just the law, which Alan was not confining himself to – taking other people’s pictures without their permission and then lying about actually getting that permission is simply scumbaggish, and wholly representative of your attitude and the way you run your site, Robert.

  6. Phelps says:

    Fair use doesn’t mean “steal it until they yowl”. The fair use exception is specific. It’s for review and commentary. You didn’t review the photo. You didn’t comment on it. You just stole it. Or rather — you copied and displayed it without consent and in a situation not consistent with fair use.

  7. Tam says:

    That Farago douchecanoe is just going to keep doing it until somebody sues him into next Thursday.

  8. Jon says:

    From that Wikipedia article Robby cited:

    “Common misunderstandings

    Fair use is commonly misunderstood because of its deliberate ambiguity. Here are some of the more common misunderstandings with explanations of why they are wrong:

    Acknowledgment of the source makes a use fair. Giving the name of the photographer or author may help, but it is not sufficient on its own.”

    So, not so much within the fair use exception. A- for effort, though.

  9. SPQR says:

    Farago, your understanding of copyright law is wrong. Or I should say that your misrepresentation of copyright law is brazenly false.

    Your use wasn’t a fair use.

    And I’m going to continue my boycott of TTAG.

  10. breda says:

    Totally stealing “douchecanoe”

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