Springfield XD .40 Magazines for sale – UPDATED

Well that didn’t take long.  As of 11/5/12 I only have the 4 Mecgar magazines left.


Since I no longer own a Springfield XD, I don’t need magazines for one.

I have the following magazines for sale. In a week or two I’ll put them on ebay so let me know soon if you’re interested.

Prices are listed, or I’ll take $150 for the lot with free shipping in the lower 48. Not for sale to anyone in CA, MA or anywhere else normal capacity magazines are illegal.

(8) 12 rd XD .40, Springfield Factory. These are used with light wear.  $12 each + shipping. SOLD













(4) 13 rd XD .40 Mecgar. lightly used. $11 each + shipping SOLD












(2) 9 rd XD Subcompact .40 Lightly used. $13 each + shipping. SOLD










(2) Grip Extensions, Factory. For use on a 12 rd mag in a subcompact .40 Lightly used. SOLD


$4 each + Shipping.

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3 Responses to Springfield XD .40 Magazines for sale – UPDATED

  1. Old NFO says:

    Good prices, and I’m betting they go quick!

  2. William Obrien says:

    Hi. Will you accept payment thru PayPal for the 4xd mags? Thanks

  3. alan says:

    PayPal is ok.

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