Lavender to reintroduce open carry bill in 2014

According to the Dallas Morning News, Representative George Lavender plans on introducing an open carry bill in 2014.

Of course the TSRA is against it, as usual: “Alice Tripp, a lobbyist for the Texas State Rifle Association, said her organization backs open carry in principle, but she acknowledged that gun owners aren’t exactly clamoring for a return to the days of Gunsmoke.”

That “in principle” part is weasel speak for “we don’t support it”.

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18 Responses to Lavender to reintroduce open carry bill in 2014

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  2. Old NFO says:

    Idjits… They need to get on board…

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  4. Teke says:

    I’m with Old NFO on this.
    TSRA needs to get on board..
    I’m right tired of these fools not allowing pro gun rights legislation to pass because it’s not their pet bill.
    A good many of the group makes money off of CHL training and want to keep it that way.

  5. mikee says:

    An easy way to avoid the days of “Gunsmoke” is to allow open carry only by those with a CHL.

    Then in the 2016 session when it is clear the modern Matt Dillons have had no extra work for 2 years due to law abiding gun owners, Constitutional Carry can be passed.

  6. Rivrdof says:

    Here’s the hint: Texas State RIFLE ASSOCIATION. Seems to me that there’s a National org with those two words in it’s title that is weaseley on the Second Amendment, too.

  7. bredafallacy says:

    Gunsmoke? Seriously?

    Has that happened in all the OTHER states that have open carry? Is the TSRA going to warn us of blood in the streets next?

  8. BD says:

    The bill is not a good one. It would allow for open carry only by concealed permit holders. That means the police will have the right to harass and ID anyone carrying. In Virginia, open carry is legal without a permit, just like it was a free country or something.

  9. alan says:

    BD, Ever hear the phrase, “The perfect is the enemy of the good”?

    Permit open carry is better than no open carry.

    And the police don’t have the right to harass anyone for any reason.

  10. PHEW. Almost got sucked into the void that is the comments section of that article. I did not. Go me.

    I did, however, take a moment to write a nice, long letter to Alice Tripp. Probably a waste of time, too, but I did it. Seriously, Gunsmoke? Are you kidding me? Our state bloody rifle association is throwing out Gunsmoke? I’m really ashamed. I really am.

    Oh, and this:

    An employee disappears into a back room and calls police.

    Steve Stribley, a Dallas police officer with 23 years on the job, picks up the scenario from there.

    “If you see a gun, you have to make sure the person has it legally,” he said. “You cannot give a pass to anyone.”

    Officer Stribley, I should be able to sue you for the minutes I just lost from my life for the sudden spike in blood pressure I just received. I hope you freeze in the dark.

  11. Kristopher says:

    Sounds like the fudds are still in charge of the TSRA.

    If they can’t be removed, I suggest starting a rival organization. The TSRA can still be in charge of Olympic Smallbore competition and bird shooting, if that is their thing.

  12. Kristopher says:

    Aw, gee … the paper removed my comment …

    “I can carry any weapon I damned well please, any way I damned well please, without a permit, here in Wyoming.

    I guess Texans are just too retarded to be trusted with the same rights.”

  13. Cormac says:

    TSRA isn’t run by Fudds.
    They’re run by the CHL Mafia.

    Check out LSCDL (Lone Star Citizen’s Defense League)
    They lack the political and lobbying muscle, but that can be fixed.

  14. Kristopher says:

    Cormac: Set up free CHL courses.

    Get contributions to place an add for a free course next to ever add they pay for.

    Tell the CHL mafia that you will continue to give out free certifications until they stop fucking with politics.

  15. Kristopher says:

    sorry: ” … an ad … next to every ad they …”


  16. Tell the CHL mafia that you will continue to give out free certifications until they stop fucking with politics.

    Well, free training, anyway. There’s still a $140 tax, er, fee, er, charge for getting a CHL in TX and another $70 every few years to keep it. I’m sure TSRA is real concerned with that, too.

    The gun laws in Texas suck, and the TSRA has no apparent interest in fixing them. Scratching a little here and there every two years ain’t fuckin cutting it.

  17. Kristopher says:

    Speakertweaker: Texas has a bi-yearly legislature .. this is a feature, not a bug.

    You need to have your ducks in a row when they meet. Driving the CHL mafia out of the state right now with free training is a good start.

  18. mike w. says:

    “Permit open carry is better than no open carry.”

    This. I’d MUCH rather see Texas get unlicensed OC, but in the meantime you take what you can get.

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