Apropos of nothing

A bunch of people are still downloading old episodes of Vicious Circle.

In November there were 4647 downloads of 118 different episodes ranging from 625 downloads of episode 31 to two downloads of episode 87. In fact episode 31 has been the #1 download for the last four months and in the top 5 all year.


I had to go back and look up episode 31. It was in 2009!!!!!

Who is listening to three year old episodes of a defunct podcast?

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8 Responses to Apropos of nothing

  1. Will Brown says:

    People who read gun blogs and appreciate uncontrived “funny” I would imagine.

  2. Riley says:

    I still listen to some of them. You guys were friggin halarious!!!!!

  3. Weer'd Beard says:

    I sometimes find myself listening to the ones with the members who are no longer with us.

    A bit melancholy, but I do it sometimes, and not just VC.

  4. c-90 says:


    becasue we CAN!

  5. Dwight Brown says:

    I’m glad I don’t show up in those stats, as I don’t download old episodes of VC.

    I carefully archived them all to local storage, so I can listen to them any time I want without downloading them again.

    Sometimes I even say “My Precious” while I’m listening to a particularly good old episode.

  6. Roadkill says:

    You should have at least posted a top ten list!

  7. Wally says:

    I have them all local, and #33 is my all time fave.

    Is it too late to see if you’d post #119 ?


  8. Go about your business, Citizen. Nothing to see here. (Although we at the NSA must admit the opening theme is one heck of an earworm!)

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