Liberal Magical Thinking

Liberals, almost universally, have a problem with magical thinking.

If something bad is happening, pass a law! Any law will do, after all it’s for SAFETY! or THE CHILDREN! or THE ENVIRONMENT! The law is a magic spell that will alter physics, biology or the environment simply by existing. Don’t want guns in your schools? Then PASS A LAW and PUT UP A SIGN! It’s the modern equivalent of “holy ground” or hex signs on your barn to ward off witches. Have a stalker? Get a restraining order!

Of course, these laws never do what they claim or are intended to do. They are magic spells to ward off evil and they are just as ineffective.

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9 Responses to Liberal Magical Thinking

  1. Old NFO says:

    So very true! Unicorn farts are just as effective…

  2. Jennifer says:

    And then they claim we are being unreasonable when we point out the fact that none of these things actually work.

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  4. LittleRed1 says:

    (Channels inner progressive) “No, no, you just don’t understand. Either the last law was not given enough time to work, or the people who passed it didn’t get it quite right because they did not know what we now know. THIS TIME we know better and so the law will work and everyone will play nicely and clean up after themselves and all hold hands and sing ‘It only takes a Spark.’ And this time Communism will work, too. Just trust us.”

  5. mike w. says:

    Of course they think they are perfectly logical and that WE are paranoid, conspiracy theory kooks.

    We are truly people of different worlds, speaking different languages.

  6. MightyMike says:

    Hey! I’m a liberal who agrees with you, who is pro gun rights and a member of the NRA. Not all of us fit the stereotype.

  7. alan says:

    Obviously liberals aren’t the only ones guilty of magical thinking. The anti-gun liberals are just currently the most egregious offenders.

  8. Chris C. says:

    Just as important to leftists is that, by taking positions like this, they can feel superior to others who do not support such “enlightened” policies. Their ceremonial self-congratulation on so many topics illustrates how little they care for actual positive results; all they want is to be able to boast about their leftist credentials to each other.

  9. Ferret says:

    If we’re being unreasonable by pointing out that such magic laws don’t work, it begs the question as to why court houses and airports still have metal detectors.

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