Ammo Blues

I think I’m going to start a support group for people that have ammo but still don’t go to the range because they don’t know when they’ll be able to get any more to replace what they shoot.

We’re only a month into the current ammo panic but it doesn’t show any signs of improvement. When competition season starts up again it’s gonna get interesting. I’m sure the factory sponsored shooters will have ammo but will anyone else?

I passed on buying a 300 Blackout SBR upper for an inflated price because I can’t get ammo anywhere. I didn’t mind paying a few hundred more for an upper, after all I’ll shoot more than that in ammo anyway, but to not have any ammo to shoot in a new rifle… Intolerable!

I’d hate to be the CEO of an ammo manufacturer. I’m probably running three shifts already but I bet inputs are strained. I could buy another loading machine but can I get enough brass, primers and bullets to feed it? Will the increased demand keep up long enough to pay off the new machine? The ammo supply chain just isn’t able to keep up with this level of demand. If it’s a new level then capital expenses to meet demand make sense but if it’s just a temporary panic then the ammo glut that will hit this summer will kill my ROI and maybe the company.

Decisions, decisions.

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20 Responses to Ammo Blues

  1. Chatted with a guy who works at ATK locally Saturday night. They’re running 24/7 365. They didn’t even shutdown for Christmas.

    The line he was on did 100 million rounds his shift. They were 8 million short of what was necessary to just maintain the current deficit.

    Screwed barely begins to describe this situation.

  2. George says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head. The management has to be sitting on the sidelines and wondering how much of this is a panic and how much is a long term increase in demand. My bet would be on the latter; this isn’t the first panic we have seen the the past few years.

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  4. Old NFO says:

    I ‘think’ the government is counting on them staying on the sidelines, and keeping the supply chain behind… Just sayin

  5. Robert says:

    Plus the price of raw materials is going up.

  6. Jerry says:

    It will be interesting to see what is brought to Knob Creek machine gun shoot in April. Normally they sale tons of ammo. Most of it surplus but still, the costs to shoot 100,000 rounds of 223, 308 or 9mm for fun is a pretty penny.

  7. Sean says:

    Hello my name is Sean and I fired approximately 200 rounds of S&B 115gr 9mm JHP at a range and I feel awful about it! I am short on everything except shotgun ammo and could always use more! HELP!

  8. teke says:

    Hi, My name is Teke. I fired all of my remaining .380 in one trip to the range. I am ashamed that I selfishly left one of my children with no food. I have not replenished her food but still refuse to feed her. I am below standard supply on all calibers including .22 with the exception of 12Ga. Target loads, but I’m not shooting them either.

  9. Jeff B says:

    I’ve scoured every place I know in town that sells ammunition, and can’t find a single box of crappy 115 gr 9mm range fodder. I’m not looking for +P hollow point stuff… I just need some craptastic stuff to feed the Glock for practice. But there’s nothing out there.

    Makes me give serious thought to reloading… but probably can’t get supplies for that, either.


  10. Bubblehead Les says:

    Hello! My Name is Les, and I’m sitting on a Fat 50 Ammo can FULL of .40 S+W, and I don’t even have a Firearm for it! Yet I’m SCARED to sell it off! Help Me!

  11. alan says:

    It’s funny how a few thousand rounds of a particular caliber sounds like a lot until you can’t get any more. Then it’s not nearly enough.

  12. teke says:

    Shared a link for the benefit of the tribe.
    Gods Caliber – A New Ailment in Our Tribe

  13. Laughingdog says:

    Feeling pretty damn good about buying as much as I did last year. Got in on a bulk bullet buy from Berry’s during the summer, and ended up buying 30K bullets. I knew I’d shoot it all over 2-3 years, and the price was less than I’d pay for lead. Started stock piling primers as well after the fiasco in 2008. I was just planning ahead for the 2012 election aftermath. I just wish I had more .22LR. You can’t teach but so much with just 2500 rounds of it.

  14. charles in charge says:

    Hi I’m Charles I’m sitting on approximately 20k primers, and I just cracked my last 8lb jug of powder. I stocked up before November, and I’m glad I did, I just wish I did more. I’m not worried about being able to buy bullets because there are local guys who reclaim lead from the clubs and cast bullets. I’ve shot 1000 rounds so far this month, the issue is more with my shooting buddies who did not heed my warnings and stock up. Last I checked, 1k Federal large pistol primers, which used to go for under $30, were going for $80 or so on Gunbroker. I have a buddy who is running low on .45, but has a major stock of 5.56, I told him worst case I’ll help him find someone to trade for some 45. I am more glad than ever that I am a reloader.

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  17. ProudMarineDad says:

    Hi My name is John, and I’m a compulsive reloader. There, I’ve said it. I used to reload once a week to feed my shooting habit, now I shoot once a week to justify my reloading habit. Oh wait…

  18. Dave says:

    I love how the media publishes “and he had X-thousand rounds.” I saw a Gander mountain ad the other day, $70 for a 1,400 round bucket of .22lr: own a couple of those and you have media-pant-crapping levels of rounds.

    Anybody know the legality of reloading en-mass and reselling to your fellow enthusiasts?

  19. Wally says:

    To Dave : That is illegal unless you have a type 06 or 07 FFL.

    Same song here. Never enough, and it has been a major drag to deliver a bunch of 300BLK rifles and SBRs and not have a source for much food.

  20. kx59 says:

    The Southern Belle and I can run through 1000 rounds in 5 trips to the range. The first time I bought bulk, I thought man that’s a lot of ammo.
    Now I look at 1000 rounds as 5 weeks supply at best.

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