Today’s Self Censorship

Maybe you should read the directions next time, dumb ass.

OMFG, what a whiney little bitch.

Maybe I should just shut up now.

Oh yeah, self-criticism. Commies love that.

Thank you for not paying attention.

It’s all about you, isn’t it.

Just because you’re shouting “Oh God, Oh, God” does not mean that Jesus approves of you boinking a 17 year old.

You can ignore the bell curve all you want to but it won’t ignore you.

Most likely it will be them anyway. And everyone else.

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One Response to Today’s Self Censorship

  1. Robert Evans says:

    Remember in the earliest Popeye cartoons how Popeye would go around muttering snarky comments under his breath? “Eh, your mother is a goon!” That’s how this set of comments sounded. Not criticising, just feeling nostalgic. And you have to be careful to never, ever be audible to anyone but yourself when you indulge in this practice.

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