Self Censorship

(I’ve been saving these up all week.)



I guess you never heard of Obama’s drone attacks then.

You think that was a huge explosion?

Sounds more like they’re fishing for a local angle to lure in some of those sweet eyeballs.

Read a book!

Except it doesn’t, despite claims to the contrary.

What a hideous piece of crap.

How hard is it to keep your damn finger off the trigger? NO GUN WILL FIRE UNLESS THE TRIGGER IS PULLED! Advocating for a 12 pound trigger to “reduce accidents” is just idiotic.


You say that as if confusion wasn’t the whole point.

It’s an AD! The whole thing is fake.

You would hate it if you had one.

It’s never that easy.

I doubt the victims care.




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  1. Breda Fallon says:

    I’m really liking this series.

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