Press != Journalist

In light of the Senate trying to define “Journalist” it’s time to repeat something I said before.

The first amendment “freedom of the press” isn’t about journalism. “the press” referred to in the amendment isn’t “The Press” as we refer to news reporting organizations today. It’s about the freedom to publish.

“freedom of the press” is literally the printing press. It’s the freedom to publish without government interference.

To make that freedom just about journalists, and to argue about who is a journalist, cheapens it.

Since the creation of the Internet, freedom of the press is more important than ever. The Internet is the modern printing press.

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3 Responses to Press != Journalist

  1. shoveldriver says:

    If – if – the Press is only the press when they publish in the old method envisioned by the Founders, then every single one of their blogs is NOT the Press.

    Their hard copy papers are already losing money hand over keyboard. Let’s run with the meme for a while until we can shut all the lamestream media down.

  2. Kermit says:

    It’s more than the printing press. Radio, television, and the internet did not exist in those days. If you wanted your words to be known outside of a venue where you are personally speaking (and this without microphones and amplifiers), you HAD to print and publish it.

    The “press” was the means of communication beyond simple speech. The “freedom of the press” was the freedom of non-speech communication. The principle applies to modern forms of communication, too.

    After all, “arms” back then were simple blackpowder muzzleloading weapons. Yet the principle applies to modern weaponry. It’s the same with the press.

    If Congress thinks they can legislate away our freedom of press, they’re due for a spanking of monumental proportions in pretty much any court, liberal OR conservative.

  3. Old NFO says:

    Great point Alan, but we all know Feinstein and her ilk would LOVE to shut us down, since we don’t parrot their agenda…

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